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Property Management

Property Management

A rental property is a valuable investment but your peace of mind is priceless. Whether you own a large multi-unit property, a lakefront summer getaway, or a student rental; your real estate should be attended to by caring professionals. With Team Yifei, our motto is Confidence, Convenience, and Security when it comes to property management.

Your Team Yifei Property Manager fulfills the role of professional caretaker and we provide a variety of one stop solutions for year round property services.

Regular Property Checks

  • 1/month - Interior + exterior walk through inspections
  • Physically check all doors + windows, mechanicals, electrical panels, fuel readings, HVAC operations/settings, automation equipment, alarm system, Wi-Fi + more.
  • Inspection of exterior surfaces, decks, landscaping, swimming pools + spa, pool houses, beach walkways etc.


Seasonal Maintenance

  • Services performed 2 times per year to prepare your home for the season ahead.
  • Gutters: Inspection + cleaning.
  • Smoke + Carbon Detectors: Check operation + Batteries replaced.
  • Outdoor Water Service: Opening + winterization of hose bibs, showers, sinks, fountains + pool houses.
  • HVAC Systems: Testing, Filter replacement, thermostat batteries replaced, outdoor covers installed.
  • Custom Checklists: Based on client requests. (Trampolines, awnings, fire pits, flower pots, exterior appliances + more).



  • Management of all service vendors
  • Heating and air conditioning, Security, Pest control, Landscaping, Irrigation, House cleaning, Plumbers, Electricians.
  • Coordination, access + supervision of technicians.
  • Access to our list of preferred vendors.



  • 24 Hour Emergency Response. (Monitored 24/7 365 days a year).
  • Immediate site visit by a qualified Property Manager.
  • Equipped + resourced for emergency conditions.

Additional Services



  • Facility, Tenant + Rental Management.
  • Administrative Services: Homeowner dues, common charges, insurance + overall bookkeeping.
  • Subcontractor invoices: Review + pay (Landscaper, HVAC, irrigation etc.)
  • Preparation of financial statement, Budgets + Reserve funds.
  • House Rules + Regulations.
  • On premise superintendents options.
  • Maintenance + Repairs.


  • Rental license coordination with the Niagara Region where needed
  • Guest screening, bookings and rate management including greeting guest upon arrival
  • Visibility on all major vacation rental websites (, Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO)
  • Housekeeping
  • Security monitoring when vacant and periodic checks while occupied
  • Renovation & maintenance facilitation
  • 24/7 emergency  guest response services

The Team Yifei Property Management Program is more than just making sure your property is secure, leak-free and utilities are functioning normally, your property manager will review and advise on all items and issues which may require your consideration. Our house watching experience and preventative philosophy recognizes and defines issues and solutions before they turn into major headaches and expenses.

Simplify your life and get the most out of your vacation home with complete peace of mind. Relax – we’re on it!