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Meng Cui

Meng Cui Mortgage Specialist

Meng Cui was born in Beijing of China. She has attended University of Exeter in the United Kingdom for Bsc. in International Business Management and MSc. in Finance. Then she moved to Canada to settle down and pursue her career.

She first joined CIBC bank as a financial services representative, which gave her an opportunity to fall in love with helping her clients to get a mortgage approval. She believes that a mortgage is a good debt, not like credit cards which are bad debt. She experienced how mortgage refinancing saves huge cash flow for her clients who have a lot of credit cards. She also enjoys seeing her clients move into their dream home by getting a mortgage approval.

After one year, she changed her role to Mortgage Advisor at CIBC. In this way, she could totally devote her time and efforts into the mortgage world. She was successful in this new role and became a Canada Nationwide top mortgage advisor, and currently ranks as 86th in Canada Nationwide. She is humble and patient when helping her clients and enjoys the happiness from her helping her clients and doing her job. Using her more than 5 years of experience, she is able to customize the application to meet different clients' needs.

Now, Meng is working for RBC as a Mortgage Specialist. She really enjoys to work with Team Yifei and admires Yifei's hardworking personality and creativity. Every time she works with YIfei she feels she learns new things. She is also a good addition to Team Yifei because she can help clients to get well-rounded services.